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Eminem biography - A new star was born

Marshall Bruce Mathers was born in Saint Joseph, Missouri on October 17 1972: Marshall’s mother Debbie was only 15 when he was born.
His childhood was not easy. They moved around a lot and he attended many schools.

Marshall was quite good at school untile he was in year 9. But then he didn’t pass his exams and he decided to leave school. He dropped out of school and wanted to become a rapper.

He started to become well known when he was 17. He used the initials from his first and last name to form his rap name “M &M”.
Later, people called him “Eminem”.
Eminem’s first album was not a great success. But in May 2000, Eminem recorded his second album, ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’. Soon, this album reached Number I in the US and in many other countries. A new star was born!

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