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Kirsten Dunst

One magazine called her ‘the coolest girl in the world’; another called her ‘the hottest property in Hollywood’. One thing is for sure- she is a star with an exciting future ahead if her.
Kirsten Dust was born in New Jersey, USA, in 1982. Her acting career began at the age of three when she appeared in her first TV advert in the end she made more than seventy! She made her film debut with a small part in Woody Allen’s New York Stories(1989).
Shortly after this her family moved to Los Angeles and her film career started in a bug way.
In 1994, she got her big break in Interview with the Vampire, performing with famous megastars Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Her performance as a creepy kid earned her a Golden Globe nomination, the MTV Award for Best Breakthrough Performance and the Saturn award for Best Young Actress.
The following year, People magazine included hear on their list of the world’s ‘Fifty Most Beautiful People’. Over the next few years, she starred in more hit movies including, Little Women(1994), Jumanji(1995), the romantic Gen Over It(2001) and Mona Lisa Smile with Julia Roberts(2003). However, her most films are the Spider-man films(2002 and 2004) with Today Maguire, where she plays the part of superhero Spider-man’s girlfriend, Mary Jane.
Kirsten Recently started a film production company with her company with her mother but plans to continue acting, too. So what does she want to do next? ‘I don’t know. You know, I love doing comedies and I love doing more serious films, too’.
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