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Rupert Heverett

Rupert James Hector Everett (Norfolk, 29 May 1959) is an English actor.
Famous for its glamour from seducer, it knew itself in large romantic comedies like too in complex interpretations of characters. Everett is besides one of the actors more freely gay of Hollywood. Rupert Everett was born in Great Britain in a family nordirlandesi. Its parents, both catholic convinced, sent it in a Benedictine monastery because lights the its studies. It is at fifteen years that it leaves its region natìa to go to study the Dramatic art to London.

Never having hidden its omosessualità, also admitted to be be prostituted in a certain period to be able to earn money. After to have affected two years to the "Royal Shakespeare Company", enters in the "Citizen company of Glasgow" where begins its phenomenal career. It is in 1984 that Rupert reaches the success for the first time, interpreting an agent double-crosser in the film Country Another - The choice. It is to leave from this period that awakens a large interest in the producers. In 1985, it performs in the film of Mike Newell Dancing with a stranger, and in 1986 it him meeting place near to Mute Ornella, in an adaptation of a story of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Chronicle of a death announced of Francesco Roses. Then, in 1987, it him meeting place in a film of Pierre-Henri Salfati Tolérance, that will allow him three years more late of to rip a role next to Christopher Walken in Courtesies for the hosts. Later on, Prêt-à-porter of Robert Altman turned in 1994, itself next to Sofia will allow to find him Loren, Marcello Mastroianni and Lauren Bacall. In 1995, Nicolas Hytner engages to recite it in its film, The insanity of King Giorgio.

A masculine icon in 1995 becomes later on, finding itself on the publicity of the perfume Opium of Yves Saint Laurent. But it talks not about Rupert Everett without to evoke one of its larger success. The film The marriage of the mine better friend (1996) is incontrovertibly the consecration of Rupert Everett, that itself meeting place by the side of Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz thanks to P. J. Hogan. In 1999, it turn to continue three film. An ideal husband of Oliver Parker (adaptation of a work of Oscar Wilde), I Dream of a Summer half hour of Night a film of Michael Hoffman, with Michelle Pfeiffer (adapted from the work of Shakespeare) and THE SURVEYOR Gadget of David Kellogg.

It will be found it in 2000 next to its large friend Madonna in the film you Know that there is again?, in 2001 in South Kensington together to Max Pisu and Enrico Brignano, and in 2003, next to Catherine Deneuve, in The dangerous connections.

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