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Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin is the stage name of Enrique José Martín Morales (San Juan, 24 December 1971) is a puertorican singer. Martin returns between the greatest world representatives of the pop Latin one. The father Enrique Martin III, psychologist, and the mother Nereida Morales, accountant, divorce when Ricky has two years. It attends the Colegio Sagrado Corazon and it is put in show in the chorus and in the performances.
It is transferred first to New York and then to Mexico City where performance in the musical Mama loves el rock. In 1992 signature a contract with the Sony and public an album that carries its name Ricky Martin, in 1993 public Me Amarás. Both the album (singing in Spanish tongue) obtain an enormous success, happened that however remains limit to the Latin countries. In 1994 it is transferred to Los Angeles and enters to make part of the cast of the soap-work General Hospital interpreting the barkeeper Miguel Morez.
In 1995 public TO Middle Vivir dragged from the hit Maria, umpteenth success like the first two album, a lot consecrate it between the idols of the music.
It performs to Broadway the role of Marius in the musical Les Miserables and double in the Spanish version of Hercules the character of the demigod.
In 1998 public Vuelve containing the hit The Copa De The Vida, or The Cup Of Life in the English version, hymn of the world of soccer.
In 1999 it participates in the supporting Grammy an exhibition that enlivens the public, and wins a like best prize disk pop Latin. Anticipated from Livin the vida rents, in the same year public Ricky Martin, its first album in English, a world phenomenon becomes and sells more of 20 millions of copies, giving the road to the Latin invasion; Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are some names. The album churns out other hit how Deprived Emotion and Shake Your Bon-Bon, you sing that gives back it even more well-known for its motion of fondoschiena. The album contains also a piece, Drinks careful (Cuidado With Me Corazón), in which Ricky duet with Madonna. Ricky comes acclaimed from millions of fans for its freshness and liking. Converted to the Buddhism, it speaks perfectly five tongues.
In 2000 public Sound Loaded, containing the hits She Bangs and Nobody Wants To Drinks Lonely in duet with Christina Aguilera. In 2001 public two collections, Historia that collects its pieces in Spanish, and The Best Of Ricky Martin that collects those in English.
In 2002 Ricky it is taken a sabbatical year, to relax itself after the success of the last years and to understand that direction should take its next album. In 2003 it returns to the Spanish tongue, and public Almas of the early silencio from the individual Jaleo
In 2004 it is pledged in the social one and anchorage the Ricky Martin Foundation, from that the project is born People for children with the purpose of to fight the juvenile exploitation.
February 26 2006 is shown, before almost 800 millions of telespettarori, in the course of the closing Ceremony of the XX Winter Olimpiade Turin 2006.
To the end of 2006 public Ricky Martin - MTV Unplugged, first Unplugged produced from MTV Espana. The renewals of the show-houses happened at 17 August Miami 2006. The first individual extracted is You recuerdo sung in duet with the Spanish singer The Seas. In 2007 duet with Eros Ramazzotti in the piece "we is not alone".
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