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Ben Stiller

Benjamin Edward Stiller known like Ben (New York, 30 November 1965) is an actor and American producer. Been born at New York in 1965 from the legendary couple of actors Jerry Stiller and Annas Meara, does not surprise that its career is from immediately time to the world of the show. Already to the age of 10 years it begins to turn of the short film in 8 mm with the help of the sister Amy, with that prepares also of the household shows.

The interest to immortalize the images pushes Ben to learn the limbs of the photography, that it is dedicated dividend itself between camcorder and camera.

This passion will be at the base of its debut to the direction, happened in 1994, with the Young film, nice and unemployed, with Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke.

After to have appraised some coming proposals from Hollywood, Ben decides to dedicate itself to the theater. It is actual during a theatrical show that it proposes a short parody of the film The color of the money (interpreting the role of Tom Cruise) so amusing from venir transmitted in the popular program television Saturday Night Live, for which Quite will work until 1989.

In 1987 it the film debut arrives like actor in THE EMPIRE of the sun, directed by Steven Spielberg. After the continuous cinema to work for the tv: before directs a show, then MTV entrusts him the management of a program of satire, then gained from the Fox. Unlucky the show comes canceled and Ben itself jobless meeting place.

It participates in different programs like host (turns an installment of Friends together with the wife Christine Taylor, married after to have broken the long engagement with the actress Jeanne Tripplehorn, and to some independent productions.

In 1996 it directs Jim Carrey in the film The rompiscatole, but the critic remains little impressed from this work and the still public except for. The occasion arrives in 1998 with the comical film Everything crazy for Mary, thanks to which gains the public at large. In the following years it consolidates its reputation of actor with the film I present You the mine and the I continue you show Me the yours?, THE Tenenbaum, Shared - An apartment for three, A night to the museum, showing a deep versatility in the interpret roles is dramatic that comics.

Ben Stiller, together to Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Steve Carell and the brothers Owen and Luke Wilson does part of the not official group of comics American named Frat Pack. In 2008 it returns behind the car from taken to direct its fourth film, Tropic Thunder.
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