I'm talking about London.
London is the capital of the United Kingdom.In the 19th century was the biggest and most important city in the world and the centre of the Great British Empire. Today London is not the biggest city in world but is it one of the most important business, financial and cultural centre. Most of central London is located on north of river Thames.
The Westminster cities, is one of the most interesting.
During the reign of Charles II in London were two terrible disasters: the great plague, a terrible bubonic plague which killed thousands of people, and the great fire,which started in a bakery. People tried to stop but they couldn't and the fire spread everywhere for four days.
Today we can see in Westminster the House of Parliament, which were built after the fire, and one of the symbols of London: the Big Ben.
Buckingam Palace, is the official residence of the British monarch. It has an important picture gallery, and most visitors want see the changing of the guard.
China Town is where there are Chinese restaurants and shops. In the end of January, people watch Chinese new year parade.
London is the greenest cities in the world. There are 387 parks! The most famous is Hyde Park with its Serpentine lake, when you can swim or rent a boat. These gardens have beautiful fountains and statues. On summer you can listen concert in the park.
There are more 240 museum in London and most of them are free. The British Museum is one of the most important museum in the world with ancient from all over the world
The city oldest building is the historic White Tower surrounded by walls and other towers.
Tower Bridge, near tower of London, is one of the symbol of London and that cross the Thames.
The period when Elizabeth I was queen, is one of the most interesting. In that period were born the open – air theatre. Elizabethan age was a time of exploration and discovery. Between the London's writers we remember William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
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