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London is the capital of the United Kindom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland. It is a cosmopolitan city. It was founded by the Romans, who gave it the name of Londinium.
It is divided into two parts: West End (the rich part) and Est End (the poor part).
The City is the financial center with its famous buisinessmen.
The Prime Minister live at ten Downing Street, Westminster is the seat of the main istitutions, like the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham palace is the official residence of the Queen (Elisabeth II).
London is rich of Historical monuments, important museuns and beautiful shops.
There are also a lot of beautiful places to visit in London, such as st. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the Palace of Westminster, The Big Beng, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus.
Covent Garden, Portobello and Canden Tawn are popular street markets.
London is also a very green city, with a lot of beautiful parks.
Hide Park is the largest with its artificial lake, Sepentine and the famous Speker's Corner. Same other famous parks are: St. Jamen's park, Green Park, Kensinton Garden, where the London zoo is located.
Anoter important attraction is Madame Tussead's wax museum.
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