Video appunto: London - Facts about London
London - Facts about London

•The people of London:
Around seven million people live in London, and over 20 million people visiti t a year.

•The big picture:
From the London Eye, in the heart of London, you can see a lot! A trip on the wheel takes thirty minutes. On a clear day, you can see up to 40 kilometers.

•Power and ceremony:
See the crown jewels in the 900-year-old Tower of London and the famous Beefeaters, too. Buckingham palace is the official residence of the Queen. You can’t visit the 600 rooms but you can see the Changing of the Guard. The Houses of Parliament opposte Parliament Squame are the home of the British government.

•A new building:
The Globe Theatre is a modern reconstruction of Shakespear’s original theatre. The actors perfora the plays in the open air!

•The River:
The river Thames runs through the city. Tower Bridge has two levels, one for traffic and one for pedestrians. The Millenium Bridge is London’s newest bridge and is only for people.

The British Museum contains a world collection of 7.5 million objects. You can only see a small part in one day. St Paul’s Cathedral is a huge church that dominates London’s skyline. Its 350 steps take sto the top of a dome with wonderful views.

London is the capital of shopping! Harrods is a world famous department store with 230 departments. Don’t forget Oxford Street for shopping. It’s over two miles long and has 300 shops. Or go to Portobello Road market for its antiques, food and clothes.

•A breath of fresh air:
Travellers may ask where can you relax in beautiful green spaces? In London’s park , of corse. In Hyde park you can go horse riding or play tennis. In Regents park you can visit London Zoo.

•Eating out:
You can eat food fron all over the world. But at Placet Hollywood you can have a great meal and see posters and objects from the world of movies.

•Night life:
And at the end of the day, why not go to one of London’s many theatres? The Phantom of the Opera, with its costumes and special effects, is really spetacular!