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Jesse McCartney

Jesse Arthur McCartney (New York City, 9 April 1987) is an actor and pop singer American. Become well-known to the beginnings of 2000 like limb of the boy-band Dream Street has then undertaken the career of soloist realizing the album record Beautiful Soul and participating in the made-for-tv movie Summerland. Its last album, Right Where You Want Me, is gone out 19 September in the USA and 22 September in Italy.
Jesse was born at New York City[1], its maternal grandfathers, Dick and Joyce Sarber, I am originiari of Ukiah, Country Mendocino, California. Jesse has Scottish and English ancestors, even if is not related with the singing Paul McCartney. [2] AND' been gotten engaged for a lot of time with the actress Katie Cassady. But their story unfortunately is finished to beginning June, likely for the working engagements of both that carried to be them for long distant periods! And 'the same Jesse to itself been "to Single Man" during the direct one of June 28 2007 of TRL. It began its career to the age of 6 years, in a local musical, Oliver. When the musical arrived in its town, Jesse prayed the its parents of to make it participate the provini. Later on they had been actual its parents to encourage it in its career and therefore to 10 years fece its first television experience to Broadway in The king and I. In the same years fece leaves some Sugar Beats how singing. Three album of the group had been named for the Grammy: How Sweet It Is of 1998, Wildthing of 1999 and Car Tunes of 2000.

From 2000 to 2002 Jesse it make make part of the 'boy band Dream Street, with that received a disk of platinum for the album of debut. The band is itself agile during the tour with Aaron Casing. To 15 years Jesse undertook the career from soloist with a local group composed from Dillon Kondor (guitar), Peter Chema (low) and like manager the former fiancée, Lauren Stanwick, and Sherry Goffin Kondor, produttrice and founder of the Sugar Beats.

Jesse realized its first EP, "JMac", in the July of 2003. The album contains three songs: Beautiful Soul, Don' t You, Why Don' t You Kiss Her. In 2004 it has duettato with Annas Hathaway the song Don' t Go Breaking My Heart, contained in the soundtrack of the film She Enchanted - The magical world of She. 28 September of the same year its first it is gone out true album, Beautiful Soul. The album collects two work years and contains also four songs written in part from Jesse. The first individual extracted 50 times in the top is remained 10 of the program Total Request Live of MTV, without ever to come down under the position #4. The album sold beyond 1.500.000 of copies, receiving so the disk of platinum in the February of 2005.

Its first tour left May 2 2005 from the Crest Theatre to Sacrament, in California. Its personnel I plan preferred was at Toms River to New York. This plan it was realized with a new composed band from Dory Lobel (guitar), Baskets Carney (guitar), Andre De Santanna (low), Mitchell Yoshida (battery), Margeaux "JoJo" Fernandez and Julie Dickens (choir members). Its concert July 9 to the Great America to Holy Clara in California was the subject of the Cd live (gone out in the November 2005) and of its first concert in DVD (gone out November 21 2005) The tour statunitente expected 56 stages, and is finished 10 September to the Madeiras District County Fair to Madeira in California.

In 2005 it did a tour in Australia and later on has open the tour of the Backstreet Boys in Europe.
Its last album, titled Right Where You Want Me, was realized from the Hollywood Records and is gone out in the USA 19 September 2006 and in 29 September Italy 2006. The first individual stroke from the album is also it titled Right Where You Want Me, was transmitted in radio for the first time in the USA l' 11 July 2006 and was written from 'Jesse McCartney, Adam Watts and Andy Dodd. Jesse is co-writer of everything the songs of the new album. Soon it the new tour will leave but meanwhile the individual novelty is possible to unload it legally in developed MP3 on Yahoo Music. In an episode of TRL Jesse said that its song preferred some album is Just I Know You Know and that will be the choice music for its video novelty turned November 14 to Los Angeles. its last disk collected a good success: sold 750,000 copies all over the world until this moment. In the summer 2007 did a short Italian tour of its last as well as second album "Right where you want me" from June 25 all' 1 July. During this mini-tour the concerts were open from Mafy (16 years) an Italian singer emerging of the Emi/Virgin, the same record house of Jesse. While Jesse intraprendenva the career from musician, it is begun to affirm also like actor. Jesse arrived in television in the role of J. R. Chandler in the television series The valley of the pines (1998-2001) thanks to which was named in 2001 and in 2002 for a Daytime Emmy in the category of Young actor not protagonist in a comedy.

In 2004 and in 2005, Jesse interpreted the rebel Bradin Westerly in the television series of the WB Summerland, next to the Californian actor Zac Efron. The series was canceled in the summer of 2005.

Jesse collaborated with Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records to varied projects. It has besides worker for Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, H&M and Osh-Kosh (2005)

Jesse will be the protagonist of the film Keith already finished turning but that will go out in the alone salt in 2007. It has besides given voice to the character of Roxas in the video game Kingdom Hearts TWO, of Peter in the cardboard Disney "Tinkerbell" and in the film "Alvin Superstar for the voice of Theodore. 12 September it is appeared in The valley of the pines showing itself with the its individual novelty. While 18 September of the past year it participated the episode "Rock Star in the House" in the made-for-tv movie The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and in an episode d Hannah Ascend 2-Meet Miley Cyrus, When You Wish You Were The Star" that was transmitted alone in America. Jesse adores the sport, specially baseball, bowling and surf, this finish learned turning Summerland. It gave part of the proceeds of the tour of 2005 Beautiful Soul in charity, turned a publicity for "Kids For to Drug-Free America" and is the spokesperson of the "St. Judo Children' s Research Hospital", and does part of SPACE, been based on from a friend of childhood of its mother. For the future it would want it study direction and not to leave the career of actor.
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