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Jessica Marie Alba (Pomona, 28 April 1981) an American actress. she was born in California but lived, until 9 years, in different zones of the United States (among which Mississippi and Texas), Jessica Dawn is daughter of an aeronautical pilot of origins Mexican and of a frank mother-Danish. She enters in the world of the television, first with two national ad and then with the series The secret world of Alex Mack, where appears three times, and in 1995 with pinball Machine, for which it is transferred in Australia, where performance for two seasons in the role of the protagonist, interpreting the Mayan girl Graham. After other television apparitions (among which two installments of Beverly Hills, 90210), and film (among which the comedy Ever been kissed), in 2000 is the protagonist of the serious TV of James Cameron, Dark Angel: thanks to this made-for-tv movie accresce the actual fame, receives varied prizes for his quality of actress and besides it tie up sentimentally the actor coprotagonista Michael Weatherly. After two interesting films but of meager distribution (Paranoid and Small loving dictionary, this last ever gone out in the Italian salt, but alone in DVD), Jessica interprets in 2003 the musical comedy Honey. During the successive year it appears in the main talk show and on the covers of varieties reviewed, signing profitable contracts of sponsorship, first between everything with THE oreal, while in 2005 returns at the cinema from protagonist with the role of Nancy Callahan in Sin City and in the part of Its Storm alias the invisible woman (role that will take again also in the I continue THE Fantastic Four and Silver A nomination to the Raids Awards like protagonist actress peggior, and still in Trap at the bottom to the sea, in which interprets Sam, the faithful companion of the protagonist.

On 2 March 2006, Jessica did cause to the famous one reviewed Playboy, since had been introduced an its photograph in bikini like cover of the month, without to have it the right and against its will. In a successive interview the actress affirmed to have refused in priority a contract to settle on the note reviewed, adding that this manage done from Playboy in its comparisons serious would have damaged its image of actress and of girl.

In a recent interview the actress affirmed to want to stop reciting in cautious roles from her "too sexy" . During the renewals of the film Charlie before your husband comes (2007), in the stage of the kiss with the actor Dane Cook Jessica Dawn lost a tooth.

In 2007, the note reviewed American AskMen, sorted the actress to the third place in the listing of the women more wanted some planet.

December 13 2007, Jessica declared officially in an interview of to be in long-awaited sweet of a baby aside of the companion Cash well-known Warren in 2004 on the set De THE Fantastic Four; for both about is their first son and should be born at June 2008. The actress also affirmed that after to have announced to be pregnant, refused numerous proposals from the more famous magazine to settle nude with the pancione in the last months of pregnancy (what already done in past from a lot of stars like Demos Moore, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera).

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