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Katherine Noelle Holmes (Toledo, 18 December 1978) is an American actress. It is of father lawyer and mother housewife, is the most small of 5 sons, has three sisters and a greater brother. It attended varied run of theater to the high school where it studied.

The large occasion arrives when was chosen like actress protagonist of the fortunate series television Dawson' s Creek for the role of Joey Potter.
From 1997 to today it recited in numerous film between which The Ice Storm, Abandon and in 2005 the most well-known Batman Begins. It is not however succeeded to collect the cinema the same success had like television actress.

After a connection with Joshua Jackson, partner on the set of the made-for-tv movie, and with the actor Chris Klein, undertook in the April of 2005 a connection with Tom Cruise with the that at present is married.

18 April 2006 it was born their first daughter, Suri Cruise, whose name in Hebrew means "princess" and in Persian "red rose".

The birth of the little girl was accompanied from varied theories cospiratorie for the reserve of the parents in the to show the little girl in public. Between the shouting turned in the period, what the small one not pits in reality gives birth of Cruise, that do not was able to to be touched for a dictate of Scientology or that was sick and for this hidden.

These shouting are been all moved to be silent in the September 2006 when on the number of the month of Vanity American Fair a photographic service of the little girl is appeared realized from the well-known Annie Leibovitz accompanied from an interview of Jane Sarkin, that lived with the family for some weeks in their house to Telluride, Colorado and was able to confirm that the three live a normal life. Katie has married with Tom Cruise November 18 2006 in the castle Odescalchi of Brace according to the rite of Scientology.

It is catholic sin from the birth, nevertheless the approach of Katie to Scientology provoked some you seem negative on its account, aside of the international printing and of its fans. 2007 is opened with a new film for Katie, 'Mad Money', with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah and a riavvicinamento to the Catholicism. Varied shouting of crisis of the couple have succeeded in the years, denials every time from the spokesperson of the actors and from them same, itself always happy in public.

November 4 2007 Katie participated and completed in 5 hours and half hour the Marathon of New York, route of 42 kilometri in the Large Apple.
It declared in an interview of 2004 that all of the friends and the relatives call it 'Kate', but that to professional level likely will be make call always 'Katie'
did the experience for the part of Buffy in the made-for-tv movie 'Buffy The Vampires Slayer' but refused because wanted first end the high school
The day of the experience final for the role of Joey Potter in Dawson' s Creek Katie It is wanted to be lacking the engagement taken with the theatrical group of the high school and participated in the
show risking so of to lose the experience. Fortunately the actress had hit such the casting to do in manner of change the date of the experience Katie declared in an interview of 2004 that from girl looked at the poster of Top Gun and dreamt to marry Tom Cruise. In 2005 it began a connection with the actor.
Hobby: to dance, do shopping, Pilates
Food Preferred: Cupecakes (pies), Popcorn to the caramel, Pretzels with sauce
Books preferred: The I retract of Dorian Gray, The snow falls on the cedars
Singing preferred: Natalie Merchant, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Chapman, Gives Matthews Band
favorite Actor: Tom Hanks
Actresses prefrite: Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan
favorite Producers: Ron Howard, Woody Allen
favorite Film: The marriage of the mine better friend, Attractive in rose
favorite made-for-tv Movie: Grey' s Anatomy, ER
First concert seen: Whitney Houston
First love: Joshua Jackson
was accepted from the Columbia University of New York but sent again the admission because of the work.
Katie collected Barbie dolls and orsacchiotti of plush when was little girl
The musical group Youth in Asia dedicated to Katie a song titled just "Katie Holmes"
Katie has make dismiss a neo one from the left shoulder
In a double interview Josh and Katie declared to be you rhymed hit the one from the other to the provini for Dawson' s Creek. Katie told to to be been she declare the actual feelings to Josh and to do the first step. Both it declare to be left itself by mutual consent because their
lives they had taken different directions
In The stages inziali of Vanilla Sky (with Tom Cruise) succeed swiftly of the images and between these it is noted Rolling reviewed it Stone with Katie on the cover
In 2005 receives a nomination to the Raids Awards like peggior actress not protagonist for Batman Begins, winning a special prize, together to Tom Story of love more getting tired from the birth of the tabloid.
It ran all the 42 kilometri of the Marathon of New York in 2007
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