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Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker (Nelsonville, 25 March 1965) is an American actress, that has to its popularity above all to the serious tv Sex and the City. Winner of 4 Golden Globes and 1 Emmy. Third of four brothers, Sarah Jessica Parker March 25 is born 1965 to Nelsonville in Ohio. It begins to recite alone eight years; to Broadway interprets The Innocents, whose representation compels its family to move in the New Jersey.
The parents believe a lot in her and register it to the America Ballet School and to the Professional Children' s School, basic best to be able to confront, always to Broadway, the musical Annie. In parallel to the career of actress, Sarah carries before the scholastic studies to the Dwight Morrow High School. The debut in television is of 1982 with the film tv My Body, My Child; always in the same year is between the protagonists of the serial Zero in conduct (Square Pegs) in the role of Patty Green. You end the schools of the obligation, Sarah is thrown headfirst in the career of actress, interpreting small roles to the cinema - like in Footloose of Herbert Ross in 1984 - and in television - Dadah is Dead and The pension (The Room Upstairs) in 1987. It will be alone in 1991 that it will succeed to do to note in the shining comedy of Mick Crazy Jacson to Beverly Hills (L.A.Story) next to Steve Martin. They continue to follow, nevertheless, secondary roles in films like I play Me the wife to. ..Las Vegas (Honeymoon in Vegas) of Andrew Bergman, film in which Sarah performs the part of the wife of Nicholas Cage; is a witch (together to Barges Midler) in the disneyano Hocus Pocus of Kenny Ortega; performance two times for Tim Burton (in 1994 is the wife of And Wood in the homonymous film; Of Mars attacks!), two for Hugh Wilson (The club of the first mogli (First Wives Club) and Dudley I Give-Right, respectively in 1996 and in 1999, a to the flank of Woody Allen of it THE irresistible boys (The Sunshine Boys) of John Erman in 1995.

Although other flop to the cinema (Appointment with the bridge (If Lucy Fell) of Eric Schaffer; extreme Solutions (Extreme Measures) of Micheal Apted), to theater Sarah succeeds to obtain important satisfactions: wins the Tony Award for Ounces upon to thyme to Mastress and it is dedicated to shows off-Broadway like Sylvia and How to Succed in Business Without Really Trying.

The turn, however, arrives in 1998 when the American network HBO the part of Carrie entrusts them Bradshaw in the serial Sex and the City, role that will interpret for you are seasons and that varied prizes will make win them. To the apex of the career, in 2000, Sarah Jessica Parker comes called from MTV to present the mtv Movie Awards and interprets the comedy Hollywood, Vermont (Separate and Main) of David Mamet. Conclusasi the television series in 2004, of which in the meanwhile was become also produttrice, signs a contract with the warehouses Gap and continuous to recite the cinema (The snow in the heart (The Family Stone) of Thomas Bezuca in 2005; at home with the its (Failure to Launch) and Strangers with Candy in 2006). Sarah is limb of the Hollywood' s Woman' s Political Committee and is ambassador of the unicef. May 19 1997 has married with the colleague Matthew well-known Broderick on the platform of How to Succed in Business Without Really Trying; have a son, James Wilke, been born in 2002.
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