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Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron (Benoni, 7 August 1975) is an actress and south african model. It is born at Benoni, Gauteng, in an Afrikaans tongue of family: the father bragged French origins, the mother german. At first to school it learns alone the Afrikaans that still today is its tongue mother. In South Africa the correct pronunciation of its surname is "Tronn", but she prefers the European pronunciation ("Thrown").

Charlize Theron had a traumatic childhood. Left often alone from its parents in the estate of them property to Johannesburg, principal in college to the age of 13 years comes. When it 15 in person living persons has of it the death of its father Charles Theron, alcoholic, killed for legitimate defended from the wife while tried to attack it.

The following year goes to Positano with the mother to participate the "New Model Today" international competition for young models that wins. It decides so of to transfer itself to Milan to work like model. Here it note becomes thanks to an ad for the well-known brand of aperitifs "Martini" acclimated to Portofino in which it is foreseen its now mythical fondoschiena.

After a little one of time itself trasfersce to New York, and to the first occasion leaves the world of the fashion to return its first love: the dance. Unlucky an accident to the knee the career from dancer blocks them and compels to return to march it. Between its shows of dance they deserve a special summons The lake of the swans and The Schiaccianoci.

Unavailable to dance, in 1995 part for Los Angeles and, in the same year its debut in the cinema with Two days without breath happens. It is put in light in 1997 with THE LAWYER of the devil, in which performance together to To The Calm. After the dramatic The Astronaut' s Wife - The wife of the astronaut the south african blond shows the actual capacity in The legend of Bagger Vance of 2000 for the direction of Robert Redford, in which for the first time has the part of a very attractive girl that does loser the head to a golfer, former hero of war. We remember it also in 24 hours thriller of 2002 and in the popular The Italian Job in 2003.

The international consecration happens in 2004 with Monster, in which interprets the serial gunman Aileen Wuornos. For this film Charlize wins the oscar to the better actress, the SAG Award and the Golden Globes: the first woman was to win all and three these prizes thanks to an alone film, as well as the before south african one to win an international prize for the performance.

Of 2004 it is Game of woman, in which interprets an attractive woman of the world of the show that during the civil war Spanish fights, together to a friend (interpreted from Penélope Cruz), against the troops of Francisco Franco. After this ciak the Theron was chosen like testimonial from the Dior, well-known mark of perfumes.

In 2005 it interprets Country North - Story of Josey, instigator to the first cause for sexual annoyances on the work in the United States and that them farewell the candidacy to the oscar to the better actress and to the Golden Globes; and the film of science fiction AEon Flux I discuss from the serious homonym television enlivened transmitted from MTV in the years 90. During the making of the film it slid during a stage acrobatics, restoring a rupture to the disk between the sixth one and the seventh vertebra and the compression of the bag of liquid near the spinal marrow.

At present the alive actress to Los Angeles with the irish actor Stuart Townsend. It is very it grow fond of its dogs, two cocker spaniel, Denver and Delilah (between the other has given the their name to its movie studio). Previously it had had some sentimental stories with Craig Bierko and Stephan Jenkins. It has asked to the mother in pension of to live with her, and at present they live together for you are months to the year.

From November will be on the set of "The Burning Plain", first film of the scriptwriter Guillermo Arriaga (Babel).
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