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Internet e E-Commerce

The Internet is a network of people and information that started in the 60s when the American Defence Department wanted a safe way of sending messages. In the first thirty years, it is used only by Defence Department, Universities etc…
In the 90s, however, all that changed with three major developments like the birth of the World Wide Web, the hypertext which links the user that click on a word or picture to new sites, and graphical browsers.

Nowadays, graphical browsers and software have allowed an easy of navigation. As a matter of fact, the browsers can contain pictures, icons, sound, video extracts etc… anyway, all these objects can be hypertext.

Thanks to the Internet, information can be transported both through e-mail and WWW. These applications are based on a client/server relationship that allows to send and receive e-messages.
To use the Internet, you need a computer, a normal telephone line, a modem and an account with an Internet Service Provider that’s usually supplied by a telephone company.

For the companies, the Internet allows to work faster and cheaper than traditional methods. In particular, they can promote their products to a worldwide market; they can obtain send and receive information about products, competitors, staff etc…
But a big changed is the E-commerce, that is refers to the buying and selling of products via the Internet.

Over traditional sales methods, e-commerce enhances promotion of products, it creates a new distribution channel, it is cheaper and the supplier can customize the product according to the needs of the customer.

The Internet is used also for conducting market research. Over traditional methods, it is faster, cheaper and it allows very large-scale research.
Over traditional marketing, one-to-one marketing is based on the idea that all customers have different needs. A company, therefore, can target its product to an individual customer.
Thanks to the Internet, many companies advertise on the Web. This because Internet advertisement are always accessible, distribution costs are low, the content can be updated or changed at any time and the sites can be decorated with images, sounds and videos.
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