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The first conflicts between the ruling class and the colonial motherland English and propaganda pamphlets were born and the boycott of British goods. The British government imposed the tax on sugar and newspapers by sending a military contingent and claiming to have power over the colonies. The Americans did not intend to give in and then rebelled.

In 1773 a decree that granted the East India Company a monopoly on the sale of tea in the colonies caused rebellions. In Boston colonists disguised as Indians stormed three British ships and threw overboard the cargo of tea. London did close the port of Boston. In 1774 he held the first Continental Congress in Philadelphia in which he settled the continuation of the struggle for autonomy with the boycott. The second Congress decided the formation of an army chief and there was George Washington. In 1776 Congress passed the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson. There were loyalists composed of bureaucrats, Anglican clergy and upper classes and the separatists who were made up of intellectuals, small traders, craftsmen and workers. The war lasted from 1776 to 1781 but there were a number of difficulties for the Americans as the fact that their army was fewer than English. In 1777, Americans received financial and military aid from France and then defeated once the British at Saratoga. In 1778 France joined the conflict against Britain. From 1779 also they joined Spain and the Netherlands.
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