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The USA: the beginning of the imperialism

In the 1890s the Americans were aware of the fact that the Frontier no longer existed.
It represented an important part of the American Dream of new opportunities.
USA's policy became imperialistic to compensate the loss of the frontier, and USA annexed the Hawaiian Islands.
There was a short war between the USA and Spain in Cuba, because the US wanted defend their economic interests on the island. Cuba soon became a free republic.
The president Roosevelt obtained the lease to the Panama Canal Zone and in this way he could enlarge the American territory through strategic positions.
Industry and immigration
While the industrial enterprises were developing, a vast and uneducated immigrant proletariat was crowding the slums.
Many of these workers were ex slaves, others came from central and eastern Europe.
The first world war

in 1914, the Archduke of Austria, Ferdinand, was murdered: Austria and Germania declared war on Serbia.
France Russia and Britain were allied with Serbia against Austria and Germany.
During the war the Britain was sweep because of patriotism and hatred of the Germans.
King George V changed his German name to an English Windsor.
After Italy supported France and Britain.
Russia withdrew after the Bolshevik Revolution and the USA supported Britain.
According to the American President Wilson, the USA could not longer remain neutral, and he send soldiers to Europe.
British efforts
During the war a high number of deaths and injuries was recorded.
The war took place in the trenches of northern France and for the first time airplanes, tanks, chemical weapons were used.
This war was a shock for the generation which supported patriotism and now observed the horrors of modern warfare.
The twenties and the thirties
The vote for women
During the World War I women had taken men’s places in the factories.
The battle for the right to vote was fought by the “Suffragettes” or Women’s Suffrage Movement. Its famous leaders were Mrs Emmeline Pankhurts and her two daughters.
The suffragettes was forced to use violence for securing equal political rights for women.
The suffragettes were forced to use violence for securing equal political rights for women: their meeting were often broken up by police, and many of them were sent to prison.

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