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Imperialism: the late nineteenth century

We have the discovery of oil, one of the first extraction is carried out in the United States of America, who are the first with Edwin Drak that is dedicated to the extraction of oil, "black gold", so from that began the race to the achievements in the energy world . Not only in Africa but also the Arab countries like Iran, Iraq, which aims to become expansionary policies. During this time it turns out that the work of the carbon is derived kerosene used for lighting lamps which replaced whale oil and thus was born the production of lamps the company Rockfaller, producers of kerosene lamps. As time goes on campaigns oil increase giving rise to "trust" that oil will become bodies covering not only oil but also other products. The trust is a sottocompagnia who had the task of monitoring the international market by improving the construction technology that would also control the price of oil. There were other petroleum derivatives such as gasoline, diesel and its use in the internal combustion engine using gasoline engines by replacing coal-fired. These are the years that affect the formation of Ford in America and also in Italy with Fiat, the Renaux France, Germany Volkswagen. The development of this new form increases the oil demand mainly in Iran, Iraq by the most affected countries such as England and the Netherlands who created Dutch Shell oil or organization. The Germans took advantage of the oil in Turkey and the French instead dedicated themselves to the exploitation of oil in Iraq. These nations are authorized by the agreements signed between the rich landowners and the oil campaigns in different countries who paid certain rights directly to landowners or oil sheiks so there is an enrichment "limited" only to landowners and not in all Arab territories

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