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Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts – to the registry Julia Fiona Roberts – (Atlanta, 28 October 1967) is an American actress. It gives birth of Walter Grady, dead of cancer to the throat when she had ten years, from the mother Betty Lou Bredemus, has three brothers: Eric, Anthony and Lelisa (worn out), both actors, and the stepsister Nancy, been born from the first marriage of the father.
After the divorce of the parents in 1971, it is transferred with the mother the worn out sister and the brother to Smyrna. The father rhymed to Atlanta.

It begins the studies of journalism, but later on to the debut of the brother Eric like actor to Hollywood, decides to follow it in the film career and it is transferred to New York.

It appears for the first time in television, in 1986, in the film Lives blundered. Of 1988 the film debut, at first with a small part in Connections of blood, in which performs with the brother Eric, and then like actress protagonist in the film Mystic Pizza where interprets Daisy Arujo, a maid of a pizzeria. In 1989 performance in the dramatic steel of Flowers film that the attorney's office the first Golden Globes and the nomination to the like better oscar actress not protagonist. The fame arrives in 1990 thanks to the success of the film Pretty Woman, in which is protagonist with Richard Gere, that does to earn them its second Golden Globes like comedy of actress migior and its second nomination to the oscar like protagonist. From 1991 to 1997 performance in to read with the enemy, Hook - Capitan Hook with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman, Chosen of love, The relation Pelican with Denzel Washington, Mary Reilly with John Malkovich, All say THE Love You of Woody Allen and Hypothesis of plot with Mel Gibson. In 1997, it decides to return the comedy, is protagonist of it The marriage of the mine better friend, in Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and If you escape I marry you (in which it is reunited the triad Roberts-Gere-Marshall) both of 1999. In 1998 it begins like producer for its movie studio, Shoelace Productions, together to the friend Susan Sarandon, for the film apple tree-dramatic Hostile friends. The Shoelace Productions after the marriage with Dan Moder becomes Red Om. In 1999, it accepts the part of the protagonist in the film Erin Brockovich of Steven Soderbergh (with that wins the Golden Globes and the oscar to the better actress in 2001). In the same year of the oscar, it turns in co-starring with Brad Pitt The Mexican, during them that taken again knows the future husband Dan Moder. The following years, after small roles of I surround, accepted for alone friendship, what Ocean' s Eleven, Full Frontal and Confessions of a dangerous mind, returns in 2003 in a role from protagonist in worn out Mona Smile, a "fleeting moment" to the feminine one where interprets a story of professor rampante of the art. In 2004 it turns Closer, story of loves and treasons directed by Mike Nichols, and Ocean' s Twelve. After three years of pause, in which, besides to lap animated film and to to be been protagonist of the video of the song Dreamgirl of the Gives Matthews Band of whom was for some time fan, began to theater with the piece Three days of rain, returns at the cinema in 2007 with The war of Charlie Wilson, together to Tom Hanks. Its next project is the film Duplicity, in which will interpret a spy of the high finance and that will see it again to the flank of Slopes Owen; the direction will be of Tony Gilroy.
With the fame they the gossip arrive and its name appears in the chronicles rose because of a long series of assumed gotten engaged. After to have left on the altar the colleague of Kiefer Sutherland, in 1993 bride the country singer Lyle Lovett, from which divorces March 22 1995. After denied flirtation with Richard Gere, Daniel Day-Lewis and Matthew Perry, stops a long story of love with the television actor Benjamin Bratt. Be answered with Daniel Moder, cameraman, son of the productive Mike Moder, July 4 2002 with that has three sons (Hazel Patricia and Phinneaus Walter, you twin native heterozygotes in the November 2004 and Henry another born hinge in the June 2007).
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