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John Travolta

John Joseph Travolta (Englewood, 18 February 1954) is an actor, singing and American dancer. The six sons of Salvatore Travolta and of its wife Helen showed themselves every week in performances, with the that stopped friends and neighbors. To twelve years John was encouraged from the parents to take lessons of tip-tap from Fred Kelly, brother of the famous Gene.
Later on it recited in some musical of district.

To sixteen years Travolta it stop studying and to eighteen throng the stages of Broadway with the show Rain. The large theatrical success of Grease the door in turn for all of the America. In 1975 it is done to note in the film The malicious one, and participates in the television series Welcome Back, Kotter, in the cloths of Vinnie Barbarian.

John Badham you draw cue from its interpretation, and protagonist of the film chooses it like The fever of the Saturday evening, thanks to which, besides the large fame, obtains also a nomination to the Oscar. The enormous fame, to the end of the years '70 is increased from the film version of Grease. Its film become icons of the years of the disk-music. In the successive years its l career underwent a horse brush restrained. Between the film interpreted, that not had the success of public and critic hoped, we remember Urban Cowboy of 1980, Blow Out, and above all the I continue of The fever of the Saturday evening, Staying Alive of Sylvester Stallion, as well as Two like we, that saw it again in couple with Olivia Newton-John after Grease. Between its litter of that I make sentences, that certainly later on they weighed on its career, we remember American Gigolò of 1980 and Official and gentleman of 1982, that gave back well-known Richard Gere.

In 1989 it interpreted you Hear who it speaks next to Kristie Alley, role that taken again in the successive years with the two sequel: You hear who it 2 speaks and Hear who it speaks now. Its career ebbe an important news turn in 1994, when Quentin Tarantino wanted it for the role of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction; this interpretation gave to Travolta a second artistic youth, also numerous fruttandogli nomination (Oscar, Festival of Cannes, Festival of Berlin, etc.).

In the years '90 Travolta has married two times with its colleague Kelly Preston, known on the set of Whisky & Vodka - cocktail Party of love. From their marriage they are native two children.

He is a faithful one of Scientology.
He is a large one fascinated of aviation and have three jet, a Gulfstream, a Learjet and a Boeing 707, that loves to drive in person, and have, in fact, a take-off runway next to its villa.

In 2000 got the Raids Awards for the worse interpretation of the year in two film, Battle for the Land - A saga of the year 3000 and Magic Numbers. For the first film ricevette also a singular prize, the Raids Awards to the worst couple won, how explained in the justification, from him and from whoever have recited together in this film.
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