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Kate Moss

Katherine Ann said Moss Kate (Croydon, 16 January 1974) is a model and British designer. Kate Moss January 16 was born 1974 in a wretched suburban center of London, Croydon, in the Surrey, in England AND' daughter of art: the mother, in fact, is Woman Jordan, a very well-known model in the years '70. It attended the Ridgeway Primary School. It is not well-known for its academic results: it wanted to take decorous vows, never was failed. It was discovery from Sarah Doukas, ("AND' small (alone 1,70 that for a top is weird), but with that face and that grim expression will want to imitate the all to New York"), the founder of the agency of fashion Storm in an airport of New York, to 14 years, while was returning from a vacation to the Bahamas with the brother and the father.

Accused to the anorexia of its career of debuts, always it has dragged behind the thin rock of its body too with respect to that of statuesque models typical of those years (Naomi Campbell, Tidy Evangelist and Cindy Crawford). Nevertheless it resulted original because it reflected the world grunge and English underground and is to today certainly a supermodel dispute from a lot of designers (remembered the photographic countries of the years ninety for Calvin Klein). Of class and elegant, with a spiccato I stress English, Kate Moss was photographed and immortalized from well-known a lot of photographer, between whose Steven Meisel for Glamour Italy, Richard Avedon for Pours. Besides the covers of "W", "Harper' s Bazaar", "Vogue", "Allure", "Elle". Peter Lindbergh, magician of the objective one, introduced it in its book "10 Women". In 2000, Kate decides to leave the world of the catwalks: to see march becomes it rare, but its I turn and its image continue to be the its irons of the occupation. In 2005 Kate it was involved in an inquiry of the police on the drug trafficking by means of some photograph published from the English tabloid Daily Mirror, that the ritraevano in the action of sniffare cocaine in company of its Pete gotten engaged Doherty in a study of record of London. Lost numerous advertising contracts later on to the scandal, the model has submitted to a rigid care of disintossicazione in a private clinic in Arizona. In reality the continuous scandals of Kate and Pete did not do other that to strengthen its controversial image and in 2006 concluded large advertising contracts like that for Rimmel and settling for Pours, Burberry... 2006 was at all of the effects the year of the collected after the scandal: Kate the more paid model to the world resulted and in the top English ten of the women to higher income; was released from every accusation to its load. Before gotten engaged of Johnny Depp, Kate always was attracted from the controversial loves; after to have given to the light a daughter, Lila Grace, has gotten engaged with the rocker Pete Doherty, well-known for its group, the Babyshambles and its difficult relation with the drug. Lives at London, in the elegant zone of Primrose Hill.

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