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Matt Damon

Matthew Paige Damon (Cambridge, 8 October 1970) it is an actor and American scriptwriter. Matt is born in a rather wealthy family. His father is banker while his mother is teacher of pedagogy.During the years of the college it knows Well Affleck, with which it tightens a solid friendship and with which shares the passion for the cinema.
Together they write the screen-play of Will Hunting - rebellious Genius, winning the Oscar in 1997 for the best original screen-play, from the two interpreted close to Robin Williams, also him prize winner as best supporting actor.In the studies it gets great results and he succeeds in entering to the university in Harvard, that will abandon after three years to devote to the cinema his great passion.
After having trodden the theatrical stages, it to the cinema with a small role in 1988 Mystic Pizza, after a series of smaller roles it gets the first important test interpreting a legionary addict of the war of the Gulf beside Denzel Washington and Meg Ryan of it The courage of the truth. From that moment its career begins to take off being called by Francis Ford Coppola for The man of the rain and after the win of the Oscar he is chosen by Steven Spielberg for you Save the soldier Ryan.After various relationships with the colleagues Claire Danes and Minnie Driver, in December of 2005 he marries him the Argentinian Luciana Barroso, becoming the stepfather of Alexia, that the Barroso has had from a precedent relationship. The two has had a daughter, Isabella, been born in the 2006.
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