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The Celts

T Celts were tribes of worriors who shared a similar Culture, Linguage and religion. The Romans reported about their culture, but presnted him as Barbarians. Is not correct to say that they invaded Britain. The gradually settled in the country between 500 and 00 B.C. The brought to the British Iles the iron-working, that affected trade and helped develop local indipendance. because iron was very cheap and avaible. We don't know if hill forts were built by the Celts or by The britons to defende themselves. But they consisted of a small ditch and bank surrounding an hilltop. The basic unit of Celtic society was the Clan. Clans enjoyed together to form tribes. Th Celts lived in huts made of timber with thatched roofs. The Celts pratised Agricolture when thay were not fithing in wars and thay introduced the iron plaugh. In Clt's society women were equal to man: They could choose the man thay wonted to marry, reteined own property and could also lead other worriors in war. Celts didn't write litterature, but hay trasmitted their culture orally. Thay worshipped natural elements, like the sun, the moon or the water. They held their religious rites in the Woods or near the sacred water of Wells or springs.


October 31st is Halloween. It has Celtic origins: in the 5th century B.C., The Celts believed that summer ended on the October 31st. The Holiday was called "samhain" and celebrated th start of the winter and of the new year. The Celts believed that in his nught gosts and witches returned in that nught and that evil spirits entered body of people or animals. Later,the Roman Catholic Church, decided to call November 1st "All hallows day" and the evening of October 31st "all hallows eve". This is halloween
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