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The little town of Glastonbury is in the south-west of England. It is a mysterious place full of Christian legends and Arthurian myths. The main attractions for visitors are: Arthur’s romb, the Chalice Well, the Holy Thorn Tree and the Tor Hill. Some workers were rebuilding the local abbey when they found a big stone with the words: “Here lies King Arthur on the Island of Avalon”. The Chalice Well is another fascinating place beacuse the water in it is red. The Holy Thorn Tree attracts tourists at Christmas when small white flowers appear on it. Some people think that the terraces around it were a spiral labyrinyh for religious ceremonies, others that it was part of an enormous primitive zodiac.


Stonehenge is in the south of England. There is nothing like this famous and enigmatic place in any other country in the world. The Britons erected the first stones of this enormous circle about five thousand years ago. Today the monument consists of a single ring with a horseshow inside it, but it seems that originally there were two rings and two horseshoe. Some experts think it was an astronomical observatory, but many believe it was the site of an ancient sun temple where Celtic priests, called “Druids”, celebrated their rites. The numerous tumuli around Stonehenge suggest that at one time in the past the area was an important funerary site.


Dublin is the largest and the most cosmopolitan city in the Republic of Ireland. It’s a wondreful place full of impressive sights. The main attractions are Trinity College, St Partick’s Cathedral, the National Gallery, the Temple Bar and the St Stephen’s Green. The Trinity College is the greatest university in the country where important writers such as Wilde and Beckett studied. In the St Patrick’s Cathedral there is Jonathan Swift’stomb. At the Nationa Gallery has one of the finest collections of Italian art. The Temple Bar is the liveliest street in Dublin, full of restaurants and pubs. The St Stephen’s Green is the most popular green areas in the city.

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