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There are a lot of criticism against reggaeton. Firstly for the explicit references to sex in the lyrics of the songs and in the way of dancing, secondly for the woman-hating messages considering the woman as a sex object. All this has attracted the attention of the media, parents and politics. They agree about a lack of values and they say that this music is a threat to fight. The president of the Cuban music institute, Orlando Vistel, has been developing a new law about the use of music in general on the island. Even though despite lots of criticism, there are those who defend Reggaeton. Jan Fairley, ethnomusicologist, said that Reggaeton is important because it is an explicit representation of sex with a learning function for young people. It is a dance where the woman leads the man, therefore the woman’s figure is more important than the man’s, with a message in no way against woman. In other words the sensuality of the woman is more important than her appearance. Reggaeton songs are the voice of the low social class people, who don’t live in wealthy economic conditions. The music acts as a tool to speak about their social discomfort.

For this reason the language is very strong and the lyrics talk about social issues, and differences with the high social class people. A lot of topics are in the songs (6) like the relationship between man and woman, the woman’s body, but also love, betrayal, lack of love, women interested in rich men. To conclude, the lyrics are a way to open to one’s feelings, to feel great in a world where you were born poor and to be able to be free to say anything you like, and to forget the sad things in life.
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