London is the capital of England and United Kingdom.
London is a major global city and one of the world's largest financial centres. London influence in politics, finance, education, entertainment, media, fashion,the arts and culture in general contributes to its global position.
It is a majour tourist destination fot domestic and overseas visitors.
London has got four World Heritage Sites: the Tower of LOndon; th epark of Greenwich where were some history settlement; the Royal Bothanic Gardens; the Palace of Westminster, Westminster abbey and St. Margaret's Church. London is one of the major classical and popular music capitals of the world and it is home to major music corporation, such as EMI, many orchestras and convert halls such as the Barbican Arts Centre, Cadogan Hall and the Royal Albert Home. London has got numerous venues for rock and pop concerts such as Earls Court, Wembley Arena and the O2 Arena.

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