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Come scrivere una lettera ad un amico per descrivergli la propria casa?

Dear Luca,
thank for your letter. Here are some photos of your house. Upstairs there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. Mum and Dad have got a big bedroom. Brandon and I have got a small bedrooms. Sometimes we sleep in the same bedroom when we have visitors. It’s horrible because Brandon snores.
Do you live in a house or flat? How many bedrooms are there? Do you share a bedroom or have you got own bedroom?
I love my bedroom. I listen to music and do my homework there. My friend Daisy and I often talk for hours in my room. Where do you listen to music and do your homework? Where do you talk to your friends?
Downstairs there is a small dining room, a living room, the kitchen and the study-it’s a small room where Dad works. We watch TV in the living room. I want TV in my bedroom but Dad won’t let me. Have you got a study in your house? Where do you watch TV?
Please write and tell me about your house.
Yours Sarah
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