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Hi Joe!
How are you? I hope you’re fine. I’m in a hotel in London, the biggest city I’ve ever visited, with my family. Everything is so exciting here! We’re here since the 9th of April.
The weather isn’t great, it’s raining since we’ve been here! The city’s great instead. We’ve already visited some places and attractions. We visited both the Tower Bridge and the London Eye, two of the most famous places in London. The view on the top of the London Eye was great, but there were too many clouds, so I think the view is much more better with the sun. The Tower Bridge is great: there’s a museum inside, and it’s different than the other bridges in London. On the 10th of April we visited the Big Ben, the most famous tower in London. In fact, only the bell is called “Big Ben”, but the name is generally used to refer to the clock tower. In the afternoon, we went to Piccadilly Circus, where there were more people than at the London Eye. We’ve already travelled on a traditional London taxi.

Today we’re going to visit either Camden Town or Notting Hill, but if we don’t get tired, we’ll visit both of them.

Write to me soon,

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