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I have studied ballet dancing for over 10 years because ballet dancing is my favorite ?started dancing when I was only 4 years. My mother tells me that when I was little I spent hours dancing in front of the mirror and that I preferred dancing to playing with other girls of my age. A typical Ballet lessons is divided in 3 parts: in the first part there are exercises at the barre, in the second part there are exercises in the center of the room and in the third part, when you reach an intermediate level, you start doing exercises using shoes. Ballet shoes are shoes that are very hard outside, so when I wear them I put plasters around my toes because they hurt a lot.
At the end of each course in March, students take an exam which will allow them to go to the next course, and in June they all perform together. I have done many classical ballet performances. My favorite ones are: Nutcracker and Western Symphony also because they are the ones that I danced when I graduated. When I graduated I danced with a professional dancer from the San Carlo theater in Naples. It is a very big theater where many famous international artists have danced and acted. This is my partner and I when we danced the “Western Symphony”. It is one of George Balanchine’s most important ballets and it reflects the choreographer’s affection for the traditions and myths of Americas’ Far West. The ballet is similar to the French can-can, in fact the dress is short and I am wearing a feather on my head. Here we are again when we danced in the Nutcracker This ballet is based on the famous fairytale “Nutcracker and Mouse King”, where I represent Clara, a child who receives a nutcracker as a Christmas present that immediately becomes her favorite gift. During the night Clara becomes a princess and they dance together. In the morning Clara wakes up and she realizes that it was only a dream. At the moment I’m working at university and I teach classical ballet to /// little girls which remind me of when I was very young and shy.
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