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Good morning,
I saw an advertisement about english language courses and I'm interested in attending it.I am an italian girl looking for a job in New York City.However, if I want to work I have to attend an English course – level A2.I know the seriousness and professionality of the school. In this way I could combine work and study with a holiday.I would put myself in dynamic, multiethnic and culturally stimulating environment of Big Apple.So, I would ask how much cost this course and also overnight stays in college. Please, can you tell me if I can also work with your school during this time? I will go to New York and I don't know yet if I'll find work.I don't want to waste time without working. I will also be attending an English class there. If you came with me we could be looking for a job and we could be taking a great holiday.When you know a foreign language you have a much better chance of finding a job. Thanks to researchers coming from many countries, Paraplegic people can return to move thanks to the interaction between the thought and a PC. This PC sends signals to a suit weared by the paraplegic and so he begins to move. Whole is connected with electrodes to the brain. The suit’s battery lasts two hours and there is the concern that it may be not work well

Thank you for your attention,

Very truly yours,

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