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19 June 2012

Dear Katia,
Hello! Thanks for your last letter. I think it's great to have a new English pen friend so I decided to write you for becoming friends. My name is (nome) and I'm 13 years old. I'm going to (nome scuola) secondary school and now I'm doing exams. Do you do exams in the last year of secondary school?
My name is (nome), I’m (anni) and I live in (luogo di residenza), in Italy and my country is beautiful. I go in “Vincenzo Ruffo” school. In the last letter you ask me to told you about my summer city. This summer I go to Policoro and it’s fantastic here. The weather is sunny and hot and the hotel is comfortable. From my room, all I can see the beach. The city near the hotel is very small but it’s very beautiful and the people are very friendly. And in the city I have met new friends. The names of my new friends are James, he is 15 years old, Kate, she’s 14, she’s very funny, they are brother and sister. Now I’m staying in my room and I’m getting to go to dinner. Later James, Kate and I are going on a pub. I'm thin and I'm not very tall. I've got a long face, dark brown long hair and big brown eyes. I'm very friendly and sensitive. And you? Can you tell me something about you?

In my family there are 5 people: my dad, my mum, my brother, my sister and me. My dad calls Antonio and he’s 49 years old and my mum Anna is 49 years old, too. She's a housewife. My brother Michele, he’s 10, and my sister Francesca, she’s 9, go to the Elementary school. Have you got any brothers or any sisters? I'm so tired 'cause in these days I'm having exams. I must study especially for the oral exam. I started last Friday with the Italian exam, the day later I did the French exam and yesterday I did the invalsi tests. Today I do the English exam and tomorrow the Maths exam. Now I must leave you, I'm sorry.

I love sports and the dance.
When I have time, I watch DVDs or use pc. What’s your favourite sports and activity?

Please write me
Love, (Nome)

P.S. I play tennis very much and I love it. It’s very funny!!! Bye bye

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