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Sustainable materials: Timber

Sustainable materials are materials with qualities which reduce the environmental impact during their life cycle.
Green building materials offer specific benefits to the building owner and building occupants; first of all, sustainable materials improve occupants’ health.
Besides this, green materials reduce maintenance costs over the life of the building. Another advantage of green material is the energy conservation.
Sustainable materials minimize the possible effects of toxic and hazardous substances on human health and they support the recycling industry.
For these reasons, I think that eco materials are better than traditional materials, in fact traditional materials may be toxic or difficult to recycle.
I know a sustainable materials and this is the most common: timber.

Timber is derived by wood. It is also the most durable material. It is a natural material and it is used especially for roofs, door, window and, in the past, timber was used for construction because it is a material with particular properties. In fact, timber is resistant to traction and compression.
Timber is used in those areas where forests are abundant. Today, there are two main types of timber: softwood and hardwood.
An example of softwood are confers. Softwood is used, especially, for rigid structure surrounding a door, a window, etc.
Oak and mahogany are an example of hardwood. This type of timber is used for interior finishes (floor, door, window, etc.).
When it is varnished, timber is resistant to deterioration by atmospheric exposure.
Timber is flammable and it is often attacked by fungi and parasites; these are the principal disadvantages of timber.
But, I think that the most serious disadvantage of timber is that it's produced by forest. In fact, forests are very important for our life and deforestation is a big problem for our planet.
Deforestation is the removal of a forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a nonforest use.
Deforestation causes serious problems: it degrades soil and water, devastates genetic diversity and adds carbon to the atmosphere. These factors contributing to global warming.
Finally, I think that timber is a good material but wood is a precious commodity for our planet and for our life.

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