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Tema sulla funzione della bicicletta

Bicycles are used for sport, transport or as a hobby. I think that they are great means of transport as they help the environment by keeping the pollution down especially in those countries like Holland where the bicycle is widely used or like in Italian cities like Parma where there are more bicycles that cars and you can tell the difference in the quality of the air just by the smell of it.
We are not sure but perhaps the first drawing that shows something like a bicycle was made by Leonardo Da Vinci in the fifteenth century. Since then lots of different types of bicycles have been manufactured like the Penny Farthing that was characterized by a very big front wheel and a small back one. It was so difficult to ride that people had to go to a riding school to learn. Then finally only in 1879 Lawson designed what is now the modern bicycle. Cycling is one of the most popular sports in the world and it was the first big sport at international diffusion and not identified in one particular nation. The first race took place maybe in Paris in 1868 while in Italy it was held in 1870. In classic cycling there are three different specialties: cycling on the track, on the road, on astray in mountain – biking The tour of Italy is a male cycling race first held in 1909. One of the most famous Italian cyclist and my hero was Marco Pantani who obtained 46 victories including a tour of Italy and a tour of France. At a race he was disqualified for doping, as a consequence he had to stop racing so he fell in depression and died in 2004 by drug overdose. I think that if the judges didn't disqualify him, he would still be alive.
When I was a child, I used to see my cousins riding their bicycles and I remember that I envied them because I wasn't able to ride one until the day when my grandfather removed the small wheels giving me a strong push so I could pedal just a few meters before falling. So I tried and tried until I could pedal without putting my feet on the ground. Thanks to my friends I have started cycling with a professional bike a few months ago and it is now my best hobby. We meet twice a week and we go cycling for at least 100 kilometers even if it is very dangerous, because of the traffic. I can’t stop cycling because when I’m on my bike I relax and I forget all my problems. I think that all cities and towns should provide their citizens with cycling tracks so that we could all stop using our cars in that way preserving nature and helping the environment, and most of all, keeping fit by exercising and having a good day out in nature and with friends.
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