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Xenophobia is an irrational fear of smoething or someone that is trange and foreign to us. It's a racist term and it was created at the beginning of the 19 century. But Xenophobia already existed in ancient times.
Today Xenophobia have growing in particular in Italy and in its society, where intollerance, racism and hate are the order of the day.
Italy is in a great confusion because of its hostility attitude to immigrants and the reasons are many: Italy is an incredible country, with a great powerful history on its back, so italians tend to preserve its greatness as a monocultural nation.

Italy simply isn't a country where differences or diversity are accepted, despite the fact that italians were immigrants immediately after World War II.
Today the population think that immigrant workers are bad for the country and they see those who come from far away with fear and hate, showing a strong dislike: a typical behaviour of xenophobic people.
I think that many racist problems are because of the prejudices: people tend to act in a very careful way when they see a person who is really differents from them and that's a natural thing.
But if we continue to act like this, we will always judge other people without knowing them deeply but just based on their sex, race, politics or cultures.
People should travel more around the world, discovering new cultures from differents country so they can judge people from thei real personality.
We must fight against xenophobia and racism, just like some famous people did in the past. We should learn from them and live together respecting each others.
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