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I started reading fantasy books a year ago, when I was younger I didn’t like these kind of books or films. I was scared by fantasy films because of the dragons or of the frequent battles. Last Christmas my uncle bought me the first book of the Harry Potter saga called “Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone”. I suddenly started to love that book for the fantastic characters and I finished it in half a week. The Harry Potter saga is about the life of a wizard, Harry Potter, that lives in England. When he was only one, a terrible wizard, Voldemort, wanted to submit the magic world and killed his parents. So, he grew up with his uncle and aunt that were two “muggles” (it means that they had no magical powers). When he turned eleven he started to attend Hogwarts, a school for young wizards and witches and he met two new friends, Ron and Hermione. Every book of this saga is about a school year in Hogwarts and every year the trio 4)have to confront evil wizards and fight with horrible monsters.
For example in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone” they have to fight with a giant plant that 5)wants to eat them.My favorite characters of these books are four: Hermione Granger, because of her intelligence and her love for books, Luna Lovegood, because of her strangeness, Lily Potter, because she die to save her son and Ron Weasley, simply because I love his red hairs. When I finished reading the first and the second books (Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets) I couldn’t continue to finish the saga soon. For a while, in fact, I didn’t read any book because I was studying for my middle school exams.
When summer arrived I immediately bought the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth books. The fifth book (called “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix”)is the biggest book I’ve ever read, it has over than thirty-five chapters and eight-hundred pages! I read “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when I was in the first week of high school. It was funny because I had to do my homework in the afternoons and I read this book early in the morning before going to school! Do you know, 2) I’m buying the last book in English, too. If you ask me what is my favorite book of this saga, 1)I can’t answer you, I’m sure! I love them all, they’re all fantastic! But I can tell you that the books are more interesting than the films. In general, when a producer buys the rights of a book he changes something in the story, for many problems. For example, in Harry Potter, the producer had to cut lots of scenes because the books are very fool of details.
That’s a speech that isn’t valid only for the Harry Potter saga: all the films taken by books don’t give the same emotion. When you read a book you are the director, you imagine the places or the characters described. For me, reading a book is more relaxing and I sometimes drink a cup of tea while I’m reading. Certainly, not everybody is as interested in books as me. I think that the main reason why people prefer seeing the film about a book rather than reading it is that today we’re very lazy. In our society everything is technological and I think that, unfortunately, the use of books will disappear.
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