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Story: Tennis probably originated in the northern France, and the ball was hit with the palm of the hand. The rackets were introduced in the 16th century and since then the game began to be called Tennis. It was popular in England and France even if the game was played indoors where the ball could be hit off the wall. Already in the past the portrait of a young Carlo IX of France portrayed him with a racquet. The name was born from the error of pronunciation of the first British tennis players: in the fifteenth century it was obligatory, before throwing the ball, shout the warning Tenez! (French for hold). The assonance then led the British to call the game "tennis".
One of the oldest tennis challenges is Davis Cup, in fact it dates to 1900.
Rules: The court is rectangular, in the center there is the net that divides the court in 2 parts which are further divided in three parts: the endlines, where the players play the most points, the offensive line and the half of the field. The court is delimited by two corridors that in a single match ( that is the match between only two players) aren't valid. Instead in a double match( two players for each team) they are valid. If the ball touches the lines it is a valid point, so the court includes lines. When the ball goes out the point goes to the other player and the game stops. In an important tennis match there are even 10 officials. They are divided in:
- Chair Umpire: The chair umpire is the final authority on all questions of fact during the match. Questions of fact include whether or not a ball was in, the calling of a service let or the calling of a foot-fault
- Line Umpire: Line umpires work on court as part of a team of between one and nine line umpires. His target is call the ball in or out by the lines.
There are also the Referee and the Chief Umpire, that work off-court.
How and when I started: Three years ago I played karate, but thanks to my friends I started playing tennis. Nowadays I play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3.00 o clock p.m. to 4.30 p.m. in a clay court. I'm enough good to play tennis and I think that I am able to do some tournament.
Last year I have participated at the most important Neapolitan tennis club called Tennis Napoli Club at a tennis championship as a line umpire. It was fantastic because knew a lot of professional players. It also was a wonderful experience because an important Italian tennis television has shown on TV the final stages of the tournaments.
Last September in Naples, particularly on a waterfront of Naples the mayor has agreed to build a stadium, where the tennis Italian team faced the South American of the Chile. The Italy has won the matches for a total result of 4-1.This tennis challenge is called Davis Cup and it is the only tournament team.
My favorite player: This year I'm going to go to Rome to see ATP 1000 tournament at the Foro Italico, a famous roman place.
My favorite player is Roger Federer because I like his style. He has won a lot of important challenges such as Wimbledon in England, Roland Garros in France, US Open in United States and Australian Open in Australia ,but he has never won the gold Olympic medal. Last year he unfortunately lost the final match. At Rome I would like to see one of his match and I hope he will win the tournament.
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