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What is noteable of this novel is first and foremost the prose, the gentle wisdom of language, Charlotte Brontë's refined ability to observe and create, with an incredible clear naturalness, every nuance of the world and the characters living there. About the characters, we, as readers, cannot simply describe them, because they enclose in themselves the complexity of life and experience, as well as the consistency of behavior and the ideals that guide them and the fears that follow them.

We should give a particular attention to the protagonist Jane, who seems to be a weak character through the eyes of other characters in the novel, but she finds that she has a passion that cannot be repressed. Although it may be blindly interpreted as the only inherent element common to everyone in our youthness, Charlotte Brönte seems to want to emphasize this Jane's particularity since childhood, describing the points of view on the world and the people around her. Despite this characteristical attitude, Jane does not transform her passion into insubordination towards the rules of society: she tends to pay attention to hierarchy, manners and, in spite of it, she also perceives a obvious difference to people belonging to a different social class or status.
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