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Catering Hospitality there are:
COMMERCIAL OR PROFIT CATERING is a commercial business.

Profit Catering:
- operates for profit;
- Is open to a general market;
- Competes on the market;
- Does not normally contract outside supplies.

The Main Aim of Profit Catering is to balance:
- food products costs;
- Product quality;
- Consumer's satisfaction.

WELFARE OR NOT PROFIT CATERING is not a commercial business, but a soppurting activity, also called ''ANCILLARY''.

Welfare Catering :
- does not operate for profit;
- Is open a limited market;
- Provides good quality services;
- Does not compete on the market;
- Usually contracts outside suppliers.

The Main Aim of non Profit Catering is to offer:
- good quality;
- Catering services;
- Reduced prices.