[Zipped Fastening/b]

Most times people just like going to the supermarket or simply approaching the tailor's shop to order for zips without knowing the process through which these objects are being obtained. Zips are objects which used as enclosure and basically meant for the creation of clothing items.
There are different types of zips and ways of attaching them. These include chain zip, cool zip, concealed zip, open-end zip, metal zip, and plastic zips.
Zips can be attached by the concealed semi-concealed, decorative or conspicuous methods etc. only one method will be discussed here.

Semi-concealed zip (also called centred or edge-to-edge)
With the semi-concealed method of zip attachment, the opposite sides of the attachment are the same. This method can be used at the side, back or front seams. It is suitable for heavy fabrics because it is not bulky.

To make:
1. Tack the entire length of swam into which the zipper is to be attached.

2. Mark the length is the opening.

3. Machine stitch or backstitch the seam to end of the opening.

4. Finish or neaten the edges of the seam.

5. Press the seam open; tack the right side of the zip against the wrong side of the garment.

6. Tack the zip into position; stitch along one side of the zip, then across the end and up on the other side. Use a zipper foot if available.
Make the spaces on both sides of the teeth of the zip equal. The teeth is the zip must be centred on the seam.

7. Remove tacking. Overcast the tapes of the zip to turning or seam allowance.

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