Figure in clothing construction means the body outline or shape of a person. No two persons are exactly alike. Therefore different people have different figure types. There are also figure faults. These faults can be concealed with suitable styles, colours and patterns of clothes. There are nine basic figure types. These are based on two measurements:

- height and
- nape to waist.

The figures are:
1. Girls: For this figure, the bust is not yet defined. The figure is still developing. There is no need for under arm dart fitting in dress bodices.

2. Chubby: This figure type is for a growing girl who is over the average weight for her age and height.

3. Young/Junior/Teen: This is for adolescents or pre-teen or developing teen.

4. Junior Petite: This is short, well developed but small body build. It has the shortest waist length when compared with other figure types.

5. Junior: This has a well developed figure that is slightly shorter than Misses.

6. Miss Petite: This has a well developed body figure as Misses but is shorter than Misses.

7. Misses: This is well proportioned and well developed in all body areas. It is the tallest figure type.

8. Half size: This is a shorter figure. It is also fully developed. It has narrower shoulders than the Misses. It could have waist that is larger in proportion.

9. Women: This is a fully grown and matured figure.

It is important that one should recognize his or her body type while purchasing a shirt, a skirt, a gown, a top or gillet. Same importance should also be given to accessories one chooses because most are suitable for people with long, short, round, oval or V face.

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