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Table Service

Table service is a method of serving meals on a dining table. There are different types is table service for example family service where all the dishes are placed on the able and foods are passed to individuals to help themselves. This can be formal or informal. Each requires laying the table in a special way.

Table service is often used when:
1. A meal is made up of many dishes.
2. Many people or guests are to be served.
3. The family is large.
4. There is a special occasion or event.

Advantages of table service:
1. It helps family members to learn good table manners.
2. Many dishes can be served at a time.
3. It enables the entire family to eat together at the same time.
4. People can sit comfortably (good posture) while eating.

Disadvantages of table service:
1. It requires more space than tray service.
2. It requires extra dishes and plates.
3. It involves more work.

Procedure for table setting - table setting can be:
1. Informal: This is common for family meals. A family meal can be made up of one, two or three courses.
2. Formal: This is required for formal dinner. This is often made up of four or more courses. Formal table setting therefore requires more materials.

Materials for table setting:
1. Table linen (table cloth and napkin or serviette).
2. Place mats or table mats.
3. Side plates.
4. Cutlery-knives, forks, spoons (assorted types).
5. Water and wine glasses if necessary.