Types of hair

Each hair grows from a narrow tube in the skin called hair follicle. Each follicle has a tiny oil ground near its base. The gland produces an oil that lubricates the hair and softens the skin around it.
There are different hair types. These include:
a. Dry hair: this is dry, dull and unattractive. It can result from insufficient production of oil by the glands, poor food, illness or damaged to the hair as a result of improper care. Dry hair can be mosturised with leave-in conditioners and protein treatments.

b. Oily or greasy hair: this occurs when the glands are over-active and produce more oil than is needed.

c. Soft hair: this type is often light and can easily be blown about by the wind.

d. Tough or coarse hair: this is thick and could be difficult to comb or manage

e. Short hair: some people can inherit short hair while others have long hair. Some people however prefer to wear their hair short.

f. Long hair: some people have and wear long hair. This type of hair can also result from heredity, god food and proper care of the hair. Long hair can be kept tidy by plaiting and/or packing it.

g. Artificial hair: these are available as wigs and hair pieces commonly called "attachment" or "hair extensions". These can be plaited in with the natural hair.

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