Video appunto: Yam Pottage and Akara

Yam Pottage and Akara

Different dishes can be prepared from cocoyams, beans, plantains, banana, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, etc.
Here are some procedures for preparation of some exotic simple meals.

Yam pottage (recipe):
1 small yam (about 6 medium pieces)
1 medium smoked fish
1/2 of Palm oil (milk-can)
1 small onion
1 table spoonful ground crayfish
1 small bunch of green fresh vegetables
Salt (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)
2 cups of water.

1. Peel the yam, cut it up into rectangular pieces and wash.
2. Prepare all other ingredients (fish, pepper, onion, vegetable ).
3. Put the yam into a sauce pan and add water then put to boil.
4. Add oil, salt, pepper, crayfish, tomatoes and onions.
5. When the yam is almost cooked, add vegetables.
6. Turn gently to make a fairly thick pottage and then taste for salt.
Dish out and serve hot as lunch or dinner.

Akara: this is a typical snack used as morning food in most african countries and can also be eaten as snack. Recipe:
1 cup of beans (cowpea)
1 small onion
1 large red pepper
Salt to taste
1 cup of water
Vegetable oil or bleached palm oil.

1. Pick any stones, sticks and dry pod from the beans.
2. Soak the beans for few minutes in water and remove seed coats or skins. Wash properly.
3. Grind or blend into a smooth paste using grinding stone or a blender.
4. Put in a small mixing bowl or mortar. Add 1/2 cup of cold water.
5. Beat with a wooden spoon or whisk with a pestle to incorporate air.
6. Continue beating until the mixture becomes fluffy and can easily drop from the spoon. Add more water o necessary.
7. Add chopped onion, pepper and salt to taste. Beat to obtain light mixture.
8. Fry in deep hot oil, dropping the mixture with long spoon.
9. Turn the akara balls and fry until light brown.
10. Drain in a clean basket or sieve.
Serve hot with any type of porridge or as snack.