Preparation and attachment of Waist band

A waist band is very useful while sewing a simple skirt and there are some steps to take in preparing and attaching it to the garment.

Preparation of waist band:
1. Cut band to size of waist lines plus extra amount for seam allowance and overlap of 4-5cm.
2. Measure and cut width, twice the depth of the finished band plus seam allowance.
3. Measure and cut interfacing ( or stiffening) to exact length of waist line and half the width of the waist band.
4. Place the interfacing to wrong side of the waist band.
5. Tack into place ( or iron on, for iron-on pylon).
6. Fold the band into two, lengthwise, and crease the fold.
7. Machine stitch both ends of the band trim.
8. Turn to the right side, and press to flatten.

Attaching the waist band:
1. Put right sides of skirt and waist band together.

2. Ease the skirt into place.

3. Pin, tack into place and machine stitch or backstitch waist band to skirt waist.

4. Fold the band in half and press; then stitch the two ends.

5. Turn in the raw edges of the other half of the band under, to the wrong side of the garment.

6. Hem in (or slip stitch) the band into place and press the skirt waist band.

7. Sew button and button holes or hook and eyelet at the end of the band.

8. Where waist band overlaps, allow 4-5cm for an overlap. For back openings the left may overlap the right.

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