Points to consider in choosing food preparation equipment and utensils

Food must be properly cooked before they are eaten. Different foods require different cooking methods. The method of cooking can affect the nutritive value of a given food. They way in which the cooked food is served influences the ease with which it is eaten and the joy derived from eating it. It is therefore, necessary that you understand how to prepare and serve melas. Equally important in food preparation are the cooking equipment and utensils.
The equip and utensils used for food activities are made from many kinds of materials. These materials include metals, plastic, wood, glass etc. knowledge of these materials will help you decide on the selection, use and care of equipment.

There are different points to consider before choosing food preparation equipment and utensils:
1. The specific use of the equipment: the equipment to be chosen must be suitable for the job it is expected to do.

2. The money available must be considered.
3. The equipment must be durable.
4. It should be able to save labour, time and money.
5. It should be easy to use.
6. It should be easy to care for.
7. If a lid or cover is required for the utensil, it should fit closely.
8. The surface of the utensil should not be easily scratched, tarnished or chipped.
9. Handled of utensils should be strong. They should be able to bear the weight of the utensil when it is full.
10. Pans and pots should have heat resistant or insulated handles.
11. The home-maker must be skilled in the use of the utensil she is choosing.
12. Handles of kitchen knives and spoons should be well fitted.
13. The size of the family also influences the choice of kitchen equipment.
14. The space available for storage of the equipment should be considered.
15. The need of the family should be considered.

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