Video appunto: Traditional service and simple food preparation

Traditional service and Simple food preparation

This is a method is serving a group is people, using just a bowl. This means many people eat from one bowl or plate.

Advantages of traditional service:
1. It is simple and cheap.
2. There are very few plates to wash after eating.

1. It is not a hygienic method. Disease germs can easily be transmitted from one person to another.
2. Some children (for example slow eaters) might not get enough food, while some may eat too much.
3. Children cannot learn table manners.

Table manners:
1. Sit upright at the dining table. Do joy allow your body to touch the table.
2. Do not hurry over your meal. Eat gently.
3. Do not put too much food into your mouth.
4. Chew your food properly and gently.
5. Do not talk with food in your mouth.
6. Close your mouth while chewing your food.
7. Use the cutlery correctly and do not pick your teeth with your finger nails. Use tooth pick decently.
8. Do not stretch your hand over someone's food in order to reach for salt, water etc (kindly ask for it).
9. Do not be greedy. Consider others when helping yourself with food.
10. Do not take food directly from the serving dish or bowl into your mouth. Use your side plate.

Preparing simple meals
Different types of simple meals and snacks can be prepared following the common Italian or exotic recipes and many of them can also be prepared in laboratories (for example in teaching schools like catering)