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Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder, pseudonym of Winona Laurel Horowitz, (Winona, Minnesota, 29 October 1971) an American actress. Been born like actress teenager, began in the film Lucas in 1986. Divenne soon an icon for a lot of adolescents when gir the insanity of Splinters film in 1989. In the United States this a film cult for the teenagers still now; she interprets the part of a student that with laiuto of the fiancé kills some schoolmates.

After to have turned a lot of film in which interpreted enough characters outside from the commune, reached lapice of its career to the start of the years ninety, reciting in the film in custom Dracula of Bram Stoker of Francis Ford Coppola in 1992 and of it THE et of the innocence of Martin Scorsese in 1993. For questultimo ebbe also a nomination to the like better Oscar actress not protagonist; unaltra like better protagonist actress nomination the ebbe for Small Women of 1994.

Defined in the years ninety "the capable girl of the door near", Winona Ryder been often in the viewfinder of the journalists for its loves tormented with Johnny Depp, with the musician David Pirner and with lattore Matt Damon.

Bitter from the public and from the star system, Winona Ryder gir in little years a lot of film, enriching always of pi its filmography. In now 20 years of career, turned pi of 30 film (included the cameo). Besides been host in an episode of the made-for-tv movie Friends and has given the voice to a character in the serious one De THE Simpson.

Unfortunately, after that in the December of 2001 been stopped for I shoplift in the department store of Beverly Hills "Saks Avenue" and subsequently tried and guilty deduction, the career of the Ryder has immediately a stopping, and only from 2006 begun again to talk about her, after that turned the film TO Scanner Darkly - A dark one to scrutinize, presented to Cannes, and The Darwin Awards presented to the Sundance.
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