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Paul Newman

Paul Leonard Newman (Shaker Heights, 26 January 1925) is an actor, producer and film producer American. Grown in the crowds of Cleveland from Jewish father, European son of emigrants and proprietor of a large sporty shop of articles, and Hungarian mother. It is enlisted, just after the High School in the Naval Air Corp hoping to become pilot, but a problem to their visa hindered it; during the second world war lent service in the Peaceful one of the south like radio-broker.

In the economical renewal of the postwar period, it is occupied some management of the paternal firm; in 1949 married Jackie Witte and decided to pursue the film career; from the marriage three sons were born, but the sole male, Scott, died in 1978 for overdose.

After to have attended for except for of a year the dramatic school of art of the Yale University, itself iscrisse all' Actor' s I Study of New York and debuted in 1953 in theater to Broadway in Picnic.

1954 marked its debut film of it The silver goblet, a sensational failure, I continue however, two years more late, from the I triumph for the large interpretation of the boxer Rocky Pardon in up there someone loves me that the illustrò to the caution of critic and public.

In 1958 it flew together in seconds wedding with the actress Joanne Woodward from which ebbe three daughters and with that is all now married.

On horseback of the years '60 was protagonist of some between the largest success of the story of Hollywood (The cat on the roof that burns, The spaccone, Hud the savage, I Scheme to Stockholm, The curtain ripped, cold Nick hand, Butch Cassidy, The blow) diventandone an of the most well-known stars of always.

Vinse the oscar in 1986 with The color of the money, I reward that between the other not ritirò personally because do not attended at the ceremony seen the numerous times in which candidate had been and ever rewarded.

An its large passion are the motor races: in 1979 participated in 24 hours of The Mans with its Porsche arriving second.

It has been based on it "Newman' s own", a business feed skilled in biological productions the that extracted come transmitted in charity to humanitarian purposes and educational.

In the original version of the film Cars gone out in the Italian salt 23 August 2006, is the voice of Doc Hudson, a Hudson Hornet of 1951.

May 25 2007 the actor declared in an interview to the television net ABC its decision of to withdraw itself from the stages, considering itself too old to continue to recite. It is a supporter of the Democratic Party American.
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