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Robert De Niro
Robert Mario De Niro Jr. (New York, 17 August 1943) is an actor, producer and film producer American. Robert De Niro carries Italian surname (the paternal grandfather was original of Ferrazzano in the Molise and the original surname is Of Niro, then transcribed wrongly in De Niro), but even though you are considered an Italian-American his origin are mixed, how is easy that can happen in a town of emigrants like N.
Y., in which was born in 1943. Its ancestors come from at least four nations: its father Robert De Niro sr. was son of an Italian immigrant and of an irish one, and the mother, Virginia Admiral, had Dutch origins and tedesche. Both they were painters and for this common interest met themselves to the Greenwich Village. Although the common passion for the art, their connection not durò a lot and the young Robert alone and weak crebbe in the district of Little Italy. Hence ebbe the greater cultural influences for the Italian origins, that constituted just a quarter of its ascendenza.

Quite soon its objective divenne the performance and in tal manner, after to have been lacking the superior school, began its striking down career. He is retained one of the better actors of the world and it interwove a long artistic association with the producer Martin Scorsese. October 18 2006 Robert De Niro received officially the Italian citizenship together to the passport consegnatogli from the mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni. De Niro had expressed the desire of to obtain the citizenship of its ancestors, to which had moreover directed. The surname of the grandfather was in reality Of Niro, typical surname of its country birth, Ferrazzano (CB), but when Robert was recorded to the registry, the employee "translates" the surname according to the anglo-saxon pronunciation and it "the" became an "and". Between the interpretations of the actor it is yourselves that of the boxer Jake The Saying in wild Bull, to interpret which De Niro gained weight of almost 30 kilos and imparò to pull of boxing (the last renewals of the film had been frenetic because the actor accused serious problems for the swift increase of weight). For Heads Fear - The promontory of the fear itself fece to file the teeth, and for the film New York, New York imparò to play the saxophone (all film of Scorsese).

De Niro generally a large observer of details and physical click, and a large perfectionist is considered.

Graduated at the Little Red School House De Niro apparve for the first time on the large screen in 1968 in Hi, Mom! and Hello America (directed by Brian De Palm, with which around twenty anni after interpreted the boss mafia member To The Capone in the film The Untouchable), to which followed some not very well-known greater and smaller roles, until to reach the reputation with the. It began to work with Martin Scorsese in the same year with Mean Streets. The successive film of Scorsese in which apparve De Niro I am Taxi Driver (1976), New York, New York (1977), wild Bull (1980), King for a night (1983), Those capable boys (1990), Heads Fear - The promontory of the fear (1991), [and Casino (1995).Inoltre recited in THERE WAS a time in America of Sergio Leone(1984),considerato for a long time one of the more' large film of always. Other well-known interpretations of De Niro I am Brazil(1985), Mission(1986),Heat(1995)dove I work to the flank of To The Calm and Frankenstein of Mary Shelley (1994)

Towards the half of the eighties, De Niro began to expand his interpretations also in other fields, like the comedy, and large ebbe success with film like before midnight (1988) and Sex & to Be able (1997), but above all with Therapy and bullets (1999) and I present You the mine (2000) and the relevant you continue. In 1993 also it began in the direction with Bronx, that it is continued in 2006 The Good Shepherd.

De Niro won two Oscar: like best actor for its interpretation in wild Bull and like best actor not protagonist for The Godfather: It leaves TWO.

Between its future projects it is yourselves the production of a film on the life of Mao inspirng Zedong to the memories of Roy Rowan, corresponding Usa in China. In 2002 Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro, in reply to the attacks of the 11 September 2001 to the World Betrays Center and the consequent loss of vitality of the close area of TriBeCa to Manhattan, district in which the same De Niro lives from years, decided give life to a film festival for the town of New York, the Festival Film TriBeCa of New York, that In the organization, it has affirmed like one of the most interesting film events world. It is a supporter of the Democratic Party American.
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