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Tina Turner
Tina Turner (pseudonym of Anna Mae Bullock) (Nutbush, 26 November 1939) an American singer, an of the well-known pi in the panorama rock and international soul. She is born in Nutbush, near Brownsville in the Tennessee (USA) November 26 1939. To the and of 10 years it sings gi in the chorus of the church of its citt, where the father, Richard, was shepherd.
In 1956 the parents separate themselves and Anna Mae with the sister Alline, go to live in St Louis. In the city of the Missouri meets the musician Ike Turner. Together they record Little Ann in 1958 and in 1960 TO Fool In Love that obtains immediately a considerable success, arriving at the first places in the international listings. Tina and Ike marry themselves in 1962 to Tijuana, but the marriage comes invalidated perch Ike does not obtain the divorce from the first wife. However Tina takes the surname of Ike. After a series of failures, in 1971 Proud Mary reaches the fourth place in the listings and becomes one of the capisaldi of the repertory of Ike and Tina. In 1974 Tina is separated from Ike because of its character violent and also perch under the musical profile the couple does not succeed pi to express itself completely. Its revived (it is like person that like artist) happens in 1979 with the meeting with Roger Davies, an Australian manager that the door with s to Los Angeles and transforms it in an of the large pi shouting musical of all of the times. In the same year it comes for the first time called to the Festival of Sanremo like foreign host, you honor that the quite other spetter three times (1990, 1996 and 2000). The individual What' s Love Got To I Give With It. In 1985 in the cast of Mad Max beyond the sphere of the thunder (with Mel Gibson), for that Tina Turner sings the song-subject of the film We don' t need another hero. The song reaches the second place in listing. But above all the album Deprived Dancer (11 corrupt millions of copies) that throw it like international star. The success continues in 1986 with Typical Badly, I continue from other excellent intense activities like Foreign affair (1989), Wildest dreams (1996) and Twenty Four Seven (1999). In 1986 it receives a star in the Hollywood Walk of Hunger. The moment also of the collaboration with other "sacred monsters" of the world music: Tina Turner duet on the platform with with Mick Jagger in Live Aid, one of the large pi events musical of the story, and it is shown in concerts with Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Elton John, David Bowie, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler. It writes also an autobiography that becomes immediately a bestseller from that the film is born What' s Love Got To I Give With It directed by Brian Gibson, with Angela Bassett and Laurence It, candidates both to the Prize Oscar. In 2004 it goes out the double cd All the best containing three unpublished (Open arms, Complicated disaster and Something special) that collects the its better performance from the beginning of the career; the work contains also the piece The things of the life, in which duet with Eros Ramazzotti. In the December of 2005 Tina Turner received the Kennedy Center Honors for artistic his performance, during a show to the John F. Kennedy in Washington. The Turner is united therefore to an elite of artists of group that include Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Little Richard and Chuck Berry.
Finally, in 2006 she duet with Elisa in the song Teach me again that reaches the peak of the Italian listing.
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