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James Carrey
James Eugene Carrey (Newmarket, 17 January 1962) is a Canadian actor. Professional of considerable versatility, comes entered to interpret bad roles, good and dramatic, besides those comics that gave back it well-known. It reached the fame for his performance in comedies like Ace Fortune: the acchiappanimali (1994), The Mask - From zero to myth (1994), Ace Fortune: mission Africa (1995), Deceitful Liar (1997) and A week from God (2003).
It is known also for dramatic roles in The Truman Show (1998), The Majestic (2001), If me slack I erase you (2004) and Number 23 (2007), beyond that in Man on the Moon (1999), biography of the comical Andy Kaufman, myth of Carrey. Son of Percy and of Kathleen Carrey, Jim was born in 1962 in the town of Newmarket, not distant from Ottawa, and has three larger brothers, John, Patricia and Rite. Its family is catholic and has French roots (their original surname was Carré).

Its career begins like comedian: to the age of 10 years sends its curriculum to the The Carol Burnett Show. Even its teachers of high school to the school of every day of end left him some minute for an exhibition to the manner of the cabaret.

When its parents found themselves in economical scarcity, the family Carrey is transferred in the suburbs of Toronto. Jim attended the Blessed Trinity Catholic School of New York for two years, for then to pass the Agincourt you Connect Institute. For a certain period of time the family lived absolutely in a van Volkswagen parked in the garden of a relative because of their deep economical difficulty. Jim began to do shifts of eight now after the school to be able to carry some house money. Jim left the school to the age of 16 years to dedicate itself to the career of comic in the club imitating fame like Michael Landon and Jimmy Stewart. In 1979, seventeen-year-old, it is transferred to Los Angeles where lavorò in the The Comedy Store when the comical Rodney Dangerfield noted it. Its way to recite impressed it such that assunse like comical Jim in the beginning of its shows.

Jim began then to interest itself to the television show business. Fece a hearing to participate the show Saturday Night Live to the period in which sought new limb of the cast for the season 1980-1981, but was not taken.

Its first role from protagonist in television was Skip Tarkenton, in the program The Duck Factory.

Carrey continued its career doing small parts in some film and in television that to the end carried to squeeze it friendship with the comical Damon Wayans. The two participated like co-protagonists in the film The girls of the land are easy. The brother of Wayans, Keenen, wanted to introduce Carrey with a sketch in the show thought out for the Fox titled In Living Color.

Its unusual characters, included the True palestrata De Milo and the masochistic surveyor of safety Fire Marshall Bill (the that "suggestions for the safety" dangerous and unwise had been bombarded from the censorship because were able to persuade the smallest television viewers to imitate it the behaviors), and its same manner of to before do the videocameras carried it to the center of the American caution (and Hollywood). With Introducing... Janet (1983), Jim debuts on the film screens. Little more late it interprets Mark Kendall, a young adolescent virgin pursued from a vampire of 400 years (Lauren Hutton), in the horror film/comedy If I bite you... you are mine (1985).

At first its film not ebbero very happened at the ticket offices until, ten years more late, ebbe luck with the film Ace Fortune: the acchiappanimali (1994). The film was put down from the critic until Carrey ricevette a nomination to the Raids Award like débutant actor peggior in 1994. Although the critic, the film considerable ebbe collections to the ticket offices, like also the successive The Mask - From zero to myth and Stupid & + stupid, both distributed in 1994.

In 1995 Carrey it interpreted the puzzle-solver in Batman Forever and returned in the cloths of Ace Fortune in Ace Fortune: mission Africa. Both the film ruin to the ticket offices and gave back Jim an actor from capsule you fine millionaire.

Carrey fece to talk about himself when was revealed that for the film The rompiscatole (directed by Quite Stiller) dedicated 20 millions of dollars had been him, codes record for a comedian. The caution for its capsule, together to the negative critics for the film and to its character of bad mood in contrast with the its previous performances, contributed to make to sink the film to the stand office. But Jim raised itself ready returning to its role common with deceitful Liar, film, of success, for families.

Although the success in the comedies, Carrey wanted to interpret, accepting a sum a lot lower with respect to its capsule, The Truman Show (1998), dramatic film for which was confer him a Golden Globes like best actor protagonist.

In 1999 Carrey it is awarded the role of Andy Kaufman in the film Man on the Moon. A lot other actors was interested to the part, included Edward Norton, but Carrey amazed all reciting with the bonghi than Kaufman used in its performance, and ottenne the part. For coincidence, the two are native the same day (17 January) and share a like style of comicality, gestural and above the lines. Also this turns it is awarded the Golden Globes like best actor protagonist.

In 2000 it returned on the screens with the brothers Farrelly (producers of Stupid & + stupid) in the comedy I, me & Irene, interpreting the role of an affected agent from schizophrenia that enchants itself of a woman (Renée Zellweger).

Its interpretation in If myself slack I erase was you very appreciated from the critic, even if the film received only an Academy like best Award script original.

In 2003, Jim returned to support itself to Tom Shadyac in the comedy A week from God that earned more of 242 millions of dollars in USA and more of 458 in the remainder of the world. Jim has married two times: with Melissa Womer, from whose ebbe a daughter, Jane, then with Lauren Holly, marriage lasted except for of a year. Carrey also was seen with Renée Zellweger, its partner in I, me & Irene, but in 2000 have left.

It is a fascinated of wrestling (its wrestler favorite seems is Kurt Angle) and its group musical favorite are the Cannibal Corpse, itself in a cameo in the film Ace Fortune: the acchiappanimali to want of the same Carrey.

From October 7 2004 Carrey has the American citizenship, besides that Canadian.

Besides he is vegetarian.
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